About Us

Know who is behind List8

What is our Mission

Our mission is to enable Indian local businesses to reach out maximum potential customers, we are eager to provide them the platform for promotion of their Services, skills and offerings. We want to introduce the potential of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and Cardano in Local Indian market for transactions.

What is our Vision

We believe that every individual is possessed with certain skills and can think on ideas which solves daily life problems. We are here to enable them with the place where they can come together, partnership with us and create a fortune with win:win strategy.

Who we are

We are group of Individuals coming from different backgrounds with same vibes of doing something that creates value.

Vineet Tiwari is a Science graduate from University of Mumbai and Seafarer by profession. Has travelled almost all over the world. Experienced a life from different aspects. A startup enthusiast and wanna be entrepreneur.

Vineet is reachable on: vineet@list8.in

Aniket Chauhan is a Science graduate in Biology stream from University of Mumbai and a successful computer science trainer. He believes in action and always researching new business ideas. 

Aniket is reachable on: aniket@list8.in

PK is a Commerce graduate in Business management stream from University of Mumbai and a successful Infrastructure Architect. He researches on revenue model and different technologies which can enable all of us to deliver the best possible. 

PK is reachable on: pk@list8.in